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I chose my name after Lilith, who, despite being co-created with herself in mythology, was the first woman to rebel against God because she did not want to worship Adam, and women throughout history who were wise and passionate and were burned with being blamed for being witches who were invincible because they opposed their destiny. I have never been good with the role of woman that was assigned to me in the geography and social order I live in.

While always wanting more for myself and striving to achieve it, my sensitivity towards people outside of me and the pleasure I get while exploring the depths and games of human psychology; I took great steps to integrate with Femdom and realize myself professionally, and as a result, here I am.

Channeling my versatility and passion into an area that aligns with my character and where I can express myself without limits has given me success and a well-founded strength. After working in many sectors and communicating with different people and the health education I took; I always feel that I am one step ahead because I channel myself into an area that I enjoy doing and am happy to do. The strong bonds I’ve built and the good feedback I’ve received have given me the strength to always put on more and continue, and thus my success continues to increase exponentially.

I believe that I reflect my artistic perspective, which has been my passion since a very young age, to BDSM and that beauty and imperfection are directly intertwined and ready for me to be discovered. Knowing that there are still areas to explore and improve myself in my own life and within BDSM excites me like the first day.

It is the most important of my principles to make these experiences real in a safe area, within the framework of logic and with consensus, which I will establish with people from all over the world who want to be a part of this adventure and who are at least as willing and open to new perspectives as I am. I respect the right of all differences to rest and exist, regardless of appearance, status or gender.

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Dubai Mistress Lilith Last Witch

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