about me

I am fulfilling my desire for dominance, which is the gain of being a strong woman by BDSM and I welcome those who want to be a part of it.

I am descended from the curse of Lilith, the first woman to revolt in history, and of unburned witches. I like to channel my power towards sadism and domination, using people and putting them in trouble. One of my favorite traits is to show my dominance and to channel the fear and excitement I get as a result. I like to wear leather clothes, boots and dress up in black.

I support education with mutual respect and discipline. Education is a necessity and every obedient is trained within his limits. As a Prodomme owner; I understand every person I accept. I create the environment that he needs psychologically and physically, and I have the most fun. Remember, my happiness is more important than yours. Every person once under my rule always tries harder than the previous one to get a second chance. Yes I am your new addiction.

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